Qualitetch i UK

Focus on value creation

Qualitetch is a leading metal components manufacturer serving a wide array of blue chip, 2nd and 3rd tier supply chains and smaller independent customers in the UK, Europe and globally.

Serving industries including aerospace, automotive, defence, electronics, telecommunication, energy and beyond, it offers a range of engineering services including photo and chemical etching, metal stamping, 3D component forming, CNC machining, EDM wire erosion and laser cutting.

The challenge

As an ambitious growing business, increasingly serving larger blue-chip customers in new geographies and new markets, Qualitetch was looking for a way to double production capacity without having to double headcount or run into second shifts.

The solution

Qualitetch deployed an EVA robot at the start of a key pre-cleaning line to automate the feeding of metal sheets one by one into the cleaning machine at timed intervals, a part of the process had previously been done manually by a member of the team.


Affordable, simple to program and maintain and easy to move between different lines and applications.

The result

Doubled the capacity of a bottleneck production line; Return on investment in eight months. Staff now freed up to focus on value-add, technical operations.