Contacts in Butler

Sigurd Falmår

Veiviser automatiseringsløsninger

Head of sales

Sigurd has over thirty years of experience in industrial production and international sales. He is very experienced and has knowledge about machine production and steam technology. He rides motorcycle all year long, and is an active outdoorsman. He is also a faithful “motocross-dad.”


Phone +47 904 09 312


Øyvind Voster

Veiviser robotløsninger

Head of technical development

Øyvind have decades of experience in industrial robotics – and varied experience in automation projects. His positive attitude and big smile bring a big amount of joy into the projects.


Phone +47 456 08 255


Åsmund Voster

Veiviser automatiseringsløsninger

Prosjekt- og virksomhetsleder

Åsmund is at his best when he can concentrate on projects and product development. He has through several decades developed solutions and completed projects. In his leisure time he loves to go fishing, and is an active outdoorsman.


Phone +47 413 53 509


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