Nipper AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle)

During the spring of 2020, we carried out a project at a customer in Norway. The company has installed a Nipper mobile robot for transporting pallets as part of its production solution.

The company wanted to test the effect of using a mobile robot to pick up and deliver pallets on the floor. During the project, pallets were palletized by a robot and picked up and delivered to the packing station.

The solution

We used Nipper to run a "mail route" where the operators in the factory ordered goods that were placed on pallets. The Nipper picked up the pallet and stopped along the way, so the ordered goods could be picked off the pallet.

Training and progress

We delivered the Nipper and were responsible for training and full integration. The course was conducted in the premises of the customer, and it was important that the users of the Nipper gained a good understanding of the principles for using Nipper.

Our philosophy is that the customer should take over and manage the operation of the Nipper after training and one week of integration support has been completed. This worked exactly according to plan, and hte operators could in a simple way quickly control the production and use of the Nipper pallet robot.


We have developed our own software, Allintegration, which in a simple way allows users to generate missions and create new routes. It is all easily controlled using a tablet.

Integration solution

The users gained in-depth expertise in the Nipper AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) and our integration solution.

The integration of mobile robots for transportation of pallets is gaining increased focus. There is no reason why companies should not invest in this; why should the company spend resources on transportation of pallets when they actually should use the resources to produce goods? Pallet transportation can easily be automated.